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Treatments of Chicken Feather Waste

Chooi Wei, CHEONG, Siti Aqlima, AHMAD, Peck Toung, OOI, Lai Yee, PHANG* Keywords: Chicken feather, Hydrolysis, Keratin, Soluble protein, Treatments Abstract | Download Full Article (PDF)

CsoR Metalloregulatory Protein: Function, Mechanism and Relevance

Ashwaani, MANGAVELU, Yahaya M. NORMI*, Adam Thean Chor LEOW, Mohd Shukuri Mohammad ALI, Raja Noor Zaliha Raja Abd. RAHMAN. Keywords: Copper-sensing operon repressor, CsoR, Cu(I), dimer, metalloregulatory protein, tetramer. Abstract | Download Full Article (PDF)

Integrating Motivation in Instructional Design

Shu Ling, WONG*, Su Luan, WONG. Keywords: ARCS model, Instructional design, motivation, motivational adaptive instructions, motivational design, motivational learning Abstract | Download Full Article (PDF)

Male Reproductive System

Mohammed Abdulrazzaq ASSI, Mohd Hezmee MOHD NOOR*, Abdul Wahid HARON, Md Sabri Mohd YUSOFF, Mohammed Ali RAJION. Keywords: Male reproductive system, physiology, reproduction, reproductive anatomy Abstract | Download Full Article (PDF)


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