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Nitric oxide and Its Important Role in Plant Defence

Nurul Najihah MOHD NASIR, & Noor Baity SAIDI Keywords: Nitric oxide, plant immunity, S-nitrosylation Abstract | Download Full Article (PDF)

Quantum Dot-sensitized Solar Cell Based on nano-TiO2 Electrodes

Wardatun Nadrah MOHD AMIN, Zulkarnain ZAINAL, Zainal Abidin TALIB, Hong Ngee LIM and Sook Keng CHANG Keywords: quantum dots, Quantum dots-sensitized solar cell, titanium dioxide Abstract | Download Full Article (PDF)

Antioxidant Vitamins, Oxidant Injuries and Diseases

Yusuf ABBA, Hasliza Abu HASSIM, Hazilawati HAMZAH & Mohamed Mustapha NOORDIN Keywords: antioxidant enzymes, Antioxidant vitamins, disease, oxidative stress Abstract | Download Full Article (PDF)

Active and Passive Compliance Mechanisms in Legged Robot Locomotion

Shing-Yan LOO, S.H. TANG & Mashohor Syamsiah Keywords: Active compliance mechanism, legged robot, locomotion, passive compliance mechanism Abstract | Download Full Article (PDF)

Comparing Asynchronous and Synchronous Interaction Using Online Technology

Yolanda Lee Lee HIEW & Bee Hoon TAN Keywords: Asynchronous, computer-mediated communication, interaction, Skype, synchronous, Wiki Abstract | Download Full Article (PDF)

Renewable Energy Policy Status and Challenges of POME-Biogas Industry in Malaysia

Wong SIEW YIEN, Amir HAMZAH SHARAAI, Faradiella MOHD KUSIN, & Mohd MANSOR ISMAIL Keywords: Biogas, energy demand, energy policy, palm biomass, renewable energy Abstract | Download Full Article (PDF)

Data Envelopment Analysis Models and Software Packages for Academic Purposes

Abdullahi ILIYASU, Zainal Abidin MOHAMED & Rika TERANO Keywords: Academic, commercial, data envelopment analysis, review models, software packages Abstract | Download Full Article (PDF)

Olivine for Soil Stabilization

Mohammad Hamed FASIHNIKOUTALAB Keywords: Carbonation, dissolution, olivine, pozzolanic material, soil stabilization Abstract | Full Article (PDF)

Deep Mixing Columns

Shahram POURAKBAR Keywords: Deep Mixing Columns, soil stabilisation, ultimate bearing capacity Abstract | Download Full Article (PDF)

Internet and Facebook Use among University Students

Susan PHUA & Su Luan WONG Keywords: Facebook use, Internet use, University students Abstract | Download Full Article (PDF)


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