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A Review of Potentialities and Challenges of Integrating Remote Sensing and GIS with Socioeconomic Data

Noor Shaila SARMIN and Mohd Hasmadi ISMAIL Keywords: Geoinformation, GIS, Integration, Land use and land cover change, Remote sensing, Socioeconomic Abstract | Download Full Article (PDF)

Titania Nanotubes Synthesised via the Electrochemical Anodisation Method: Synthesis and Supercapacitor Applications

Nurul Asma Samsudin, Zulkarnain Zainal, Hong-Ngee Lim, Yusran Sulaim and Sook-Keng Chang Keywords: electro-thermal anodisation, supercapacitor, titania nanotube Abstract | Download Full Article (PDF)

Potential of Coir Fibres as Soil Reinforcement

Vivi ANGGRAINI Keywords: Coir fibre, fibre treatment, soil reinforcement, sustainable material Abstract | Download Full Article (PDF)

Nutritional, Phytochemical and Pharmacological Properties of Canarium odontophyllum Miq. (Dabai) Fruit

Chin Xuan TAN & Azrina AZLAN Keywords: Canarium odontophyllum, dabai, pharamocological, phytochemical Abstract | Download Full Article (PDF)

Bamboo Properties and Suitability as a Replacement for Wood

Rogerson ANOKYE, Edi Suhaimi, BAKAR, Jegatheswaran RATNANSINGAM & Khairul bin AWANG Keywords: Bamboo, laminated bamboo timber, mechanical properties, physical properties Abstract | Download Full Article (PDF)

Suppression Subtractive Hybridization Technique in Wheat for the Identification of Disease Resistance Differentially Expressed Genes

Md. AKTAR-UZ-ZAMAN, Mst. TUHINA-KHATUN, Mohamed HANAFI MUSA & Mahbod SAHEBI Keywords: Differentially expressed genes, expressed sequence tags (ESTs), resistance variety, Suppression subtractive hybridization (SSH), Triticum aestivum Abstract | Download Full Article (PDF)

Swiftlets and Edible Bird’s Nest Industry in Asia

Qi Hao LOOI & Abdul Rahman OMAR Keywords: Edible bird’s nests (EBN), swiftlet farming industry, swiftlets, taxonomy Abstract | Download Full Article (PDF)

Critical Review of Ground-Borne Vibration and Impact Assessment: Principles, Measurement and Modelling

Norliana SULAIMAN Keywords: Ground-borne vibration, impact assessment, measurement, modelling Abstract | Download Full Article (PDF)

The Epidemiology and Immunopathophysiology of Brucellosis in Small Ruminant

Abdinasir Yusuf OSMAN, Faez Firdaus JESSE, Arifah ABDUL KADIR & Abdul Aziz SAHAREE Keywords: Brucella melitensis, epidemiology, imunopathophysiology, small ruminant brucellosis, virulence factors, zoonosis Abstract | Download Full Article (PDF)

Production of Essential Oil in Plants: Ontogeny, Secretory Structures and Seasonal Variations

Yee Ling LEE & Phebe DING Keywords: Essential oil, ontogeny, physiology, seasonal variations, secretory structures Abstract | Download Full Article (PDF)


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