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Molecular Epidemiology: A Valuable Tool for Determination of Emerging and clonality of Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA)

Asinamai Athliamai BITRUS, Zunita ZAKARIA, Siti KHAIRANI-BEJO, Sarah OTHMAN, Abdul-Nasir TIJJANI. Keywords: Clonality, Emergence, epidemiology, Methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus, Molecular typing. Abstract | Download Full Article (PDF)

Obstacles Avoidance Mobile Robot System in Uncertain and Ever-Changing Surroundings

Farah KAMIL, S. H. Tang, W. Khaksar, N., Zulkifli, Ahmad, S.A. Keywords: Dynamic environment, navigation, obstacle avoidance, path planning, robotics Abstract | Download Full Article (PDF)

Effectiveness of Written Feedback in ESL Writin

Kelly Pei Leng TEE, & Joyce Kim Sim CHEAH Keywords: effective feedback, ESL writing, written feedback Abstract | Download Full Article (PDF)

Introduction to Robotics Agriculture in Pest Control: A Review

Hassan AHMED, Abdul Shukor JURAIMI and Saiful MUHAMMAD HAMDANI Keywords: agriculture, automation machine, micro sprayer, Pest, sensor, weed controller Abstract | Download Full Article (PDF)

Molecular Detection, Identification and Differentiation of Burkholderia pseudomallei

Rabiu Muhammad ALIYU, Mohamed Mustapha NOORDIN, Zunita ZAKARIA and Siti KHAIRANI-BEJO Keywords: Burkholderia pseudomallei, molecular characterisation, PCR-based techniques Abstract | Download Full Article (PDF)

Immunoprophylaxis: A Better Alternative Protective Measure against Shrimp Vibriosis – A Review

Ajadi Abdullateef, Sabri M.Y., Dauda Akeem Babatunde, Ina-Salwany M.Y., Hasliza A.H. Keywords: Antibiotic, Aquaculture, Crustaceans, Immunoprophylaxis, Shrimp Vibriosis, Vibrio Species Abstract | Download Full Article (PDF)

Flow in a Branching Open Channel: A Review

Nashwan K. Alomari, Badronnisa YUSUF, Thamer Ahmed Mohammed Ali, & Abdul Halim GHAZALI. Keywords: Branching channel, diversion discharge, numerical model, open channel, separation zone Abstract | Download Full Article (PDF)

Vaccines and Vaccination against Infectious Bursal Disease of Chickens: Prospects and Challenges

Pit Sze LIEW, Mat Isa NURULFIZA, Abdul Rahman OMAR, Ideris AINI, Mohd HAIR-BEJO Keywords: Infectious bursal disease, infectious bursal disease virus, poultry, vaccination, vaccines Abstract | Download Full Article (PDF)

Factors Influencing the Prevalence and Distribution of Ticks and Tick- borne Pathogens among Domestic Animals in Malaysia

Konto MOHAMMED, Salamatu M. TUKUR, Mahira WATANABE, Puteri A.M. ABD-RANI, Seng F. LAU, Yasheruram M. SHETTIMA, Malaika WATANABE Keywords: distribution, domestic animals, Malaysia, prevalence, tick-borne hemopathogens, ticks Abstract | Download Full Article (PDF)

Passive In Situ Remediation Using Permeable Reactive Barrier for Groundwater Treatment

Zafira MADZIN, Faradiella MOHD KUSIN, Mohd Shakirin MD ZAHAR, Siti Nurjaliah MUHAMMAD. Keywords: heavy metal, In situ, passive remediation, permeable reactive barrier, reactive media, water pollution Abstract | Download Full Article (PDF)


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