Adaptation of Internet of Things (IOT) Application in Business Process Management (BPM) for Improved Data Management

Jacentha MANIAM, Nur Afifah MOHD SHAI, Dalbir SINGH



Abstract – The concept of Internet of Things (IoT) is fundamentally changing the way people deal with processes concerning collecting and exchanging data over the internet to enhance their business processes. This article reviews the business process concept which impacts the data management using IoT technology. The integration between Business Process Modelling (BPM) and IoT within the systems helps to manage and integrate digital processes to maximize the achievement in controlling the business flow, process models and synchronous interactions. By using multiple methods in BPM such as pre-defined model, adaptation models and enactment of the business process may result in the improvement in relevant operational processes. Continuous aligning of BPM and IoT technology may improve the business flow with computational power and network sensing approach. In this article, comprehensive IoT data management critical success factors were proposed to enhance the data management processes besides business value adding to the organization. The need for new integration technology in data management processes were identified from this study. It was discovered that three main factors that contributes to the adaptation of IoT in BPM for improved data management were high cost, poor produce quality and time consuming. Therefore, these factors would guide researchers to carry out more significant methods much needed to integrate IoT in BPM for improved data management.


Data Management, Business Process Modelling (BPM), Internet of Things(IoT), business value adding.

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