Peer Review Process

PJSRR follows a double-blind peer-review process. Peer reviewers are experts chosen by journal editors to provide written assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of written research, with the aim of improving the reporting of research and identifying the most appropriate and highest quality material for the journal.

In the peer-review process, at least 2 reviewers independently evaluate the scientific quality of the submitted manuscripts. Authors are encouraged to indicate the names of 5 potential reviewers in "COMMENTS TO THE EDITOR" comment box during submission, but the editors will make the final choice. The editors are not, however, bound by these suggestions. 

Reviewers will: 

1. Approve the publication of the article in the version as submitted. 

2. Request significant changes in the article (which will prompt a second review by the same evaluators or by others). 

3. Indicate its suitability for publication after making minor changes. 

4. Reject article in the case of a doubly negative assessment. In case of marked divergence between the assessments of two reviewers, the text will be sent to a third reviewer, whose assessment, added to the previous two, decides for or against publication.